The Groomsman's Affairs Ch. 05-08

Chapter 5

Something about being ridden that way by my own twin sister ... yeah, there's no feeling quite like it for taboo thrills. Vicky had me pinned and she bounced repeatedly on my pole, mounting me several times over as she enjoyed my cock balls deep inside her luscious gash. It was very wet, warm, and welcoming, that pussy of hers, as it engulfed my prick and encased it to the very base. I knew what Vicky wanted, or at least thought that I did ... until she surprised me by tagging Sofia.

"Your turn ... I love my brother, even adore him, but let's not get me knocked up by my own twin, at least not yet. Each of us girls should get a chance to ride him, anyway ... not just suck him and sit on his face. Speaking of which... ," Vicky mischievously planted her cunt and ass right above my mouth so I could devour her.

I could take a hint ... I went to town on my sister, munching on both of her holes and licking her taint for what it was worth. Vicky's snatch was rather delicious, I admit, but her asshole was to die for ... truly a sweet booty if there ever was one. I didn't mind getting my tongue soaked and my lips sloppy wet with her juices, either. I dined at the Y rather shamelessly, rimmed her with enthusiasm, and genuinely made her scream my name.

As for Sofia ... and Cassidy, both girls swapped back and forth above my dick, trading it between them. Having your former classmate who is a Bulgarian exchange student, and pregnant to boot, move up and down on your cock ... yeah, well, it was intense as fuck! Having her switch back and forth with your cute little Asian stepsister, well, you could guess. Meanwhile, Kara sucked my toes rather distractingly, much to my astonishment ... what was with her and toes?

Unfortunately, this turned out to be coitus interruptus, as into Vicky's bedroom walked none other than Wayne Chung, my stepbrother. He was thankfully alone, not a hide or hair of Ms. Jennifer Goodhead with him, but his jaw dropped as he watched me eating my own sister out and having two ladies share my cock. The fact that Kara Mathison sucked my toes while this went down just added to the general kinkiness of the morning's festivities.

The funny thing was that Wayne couldn't see my face, so he couldn't be sure that if it was me or someone else doing all of this with the four ladies. There was enough cause for doubt that he just closed the door behind him and walked out of the bedroom. Far from letting that stop her, Cassidy squeezed every last drop from my balls in a rush and then leaned over to kiss the head of my dick in gratitude. Then Sofia ... and then Kara, and finally, Vicky did the same, once she recovered from squirting all over my face.

Then Wayne must have changed his mind, because he stormed back inside the room, just in time to realize that it was me. The look of utter revulsion and amazement hit him hard, like a ton of bricks, now. He also saw the size of my cock, compared to his. Mine was cut, yes, but it was still at least an inch or two longer as well as thicker than Wayne's. Even so, he was hardly lacking in that department, as he was quick to show us. He dropped his pants and exposed that part of him to all of us, clearly wanting something in return for his silence.

"What do you want?" Vicky directly confronted him now, "this is my room and you just barged into it twice without knocking on my door."

"I ... well, ... for starters, at least, I want to fuck him in the ass. Yes, I want to fuck Vic right up his cornhole! I want to bugger him ... now!" Wayne insisted now ... shocking all of us.

The others looked at me for directions, so I bent over the bed and spread my cheeks, at least for now. I could get my revenge later. I never believed in yielding to blackmail, but this could hurt Vicky, Cassidy, Kara, and Sofia. I would protect them the only way that I could ... by surrendering the booty, at least this once. Vicky made a point of lubing up my bunghole, while Kara sucked his dick to get him ready for me.

Wayne did NOT go easy on me, not even a little. It was very rough, very painful, very fucking unpleasant all around, despite him hitting my prostate. He showed me no mercy at all, ravaging my backdoor with every stroke as he damn near tore me up a few times. Only his relative lack of girth spared me that, whatever his intentions. He had a rather thin prick, to put it mildly. It also helped that he flooded my bowels faster than expected and then immediately pulled out of my gaping sphincter.

"If you don't want that getting out, you're all my bitches until I get bored with you. I can and will demand sexual favors from each and all of you ... and you have to do as you're told. Oh, this is gonna be such fun payback to each of us, cunts!" Wayne laughed, just before I decked him.

Yes, I punched my stepbrother, right in the face. His face turned into pure rage and he charged at me, but tripped somehow and landed on his belly. I chuckled, pulled him up, and bent him over the bed. Then I took a light amount of lube, applied it to my cock, and rammed it all the way up his ass. Turnabout was fair play, after all.

Wayne gritted his teeth and winced with every stroke as I bottomed out inside his colon. He involuntarily bucked his hips, indicating some pleasure in spite of the humiliation, but he also cussed me out, even as the ladies held him down to make it easier for me to sodomize him. Even Cassidy slapped his cheeks and pinched them while recording the act herself on her cell phone.

"What's your ... fucking ... problem ... with me? Why do you have to be such a vicious, whiny little bitch? What have I ever ... done ... to you?" I insisted just before I spilled my load in his butthole.

"YOU HAVE A MOTHER AND I DON'T!" Wayne finally shouted his bitterness that he was cruelly deprived of his loving mother, Sheila Chung, at the age of just six, two years older than Cassidy.

"Is that all? Is that really what this was about? Mom could be your mother, too, if you just gave her a chance! Isn't that right, Cassidy? We could be brothers, not enemies. I admit that I wasn't as nice as I could be at first, but it takes two to tango and I had to get used to your father. I'm getting there, though it takes a little time! Look ... we both did mean ... and dare I say, rapey things to each other. Shall we bury the hatchet at last?" I offered Wayne an olive branch at last.

"Pretty please?" Cassidy begged her brethren now.

"For us?" Vicky urged both of us.

"How about it? You're family now ... we're family now!" Kara urged us.

"I want my fiance and future brother-in-law to get along with each other, if you don't mind," Sofia asserted now.

"Well, bro...?" I turned to Wayne, trying to be the bigger man, or whatever.

"Hell, why not? I never had a brother ... until now. But let's agree to keep the ... um ... gay stuff a secret, okay? And not tell another soul? That was today and only today ... and I don't screw my own brother. Deal?" Wayne pleaded with me.

"Works for me," I quoted Hunter with a grin and even gave Wayne a very awkward bear hug, "by the way, in that spirit, I should warn you that Jennifer Goodhead has always cheated on every single boyfriend she's ever had. Why do you think that she's been dumped so much? You might want to keep a close eye on her."

"Thanks ... though to be honest, I already knew. I'm torn between my jealousy at the idea and the way that the idea turns me on. Particularly if I got to watch ... so, to test this whole notion, can I stick around and watch, with the caveat that I can't tape or record anything. I want to know which is stronger, my jealousy ... or my fetish?" Wayne announced, making it our turn for our jaws to drop in shock.

Everyone was so quiet that we could hear Mom's footsteps as she walked to and entered Vicky's bedroom. The scene in front of her told her volumes, too. Whatever else had happened, there had been some kind of orgy and it was plain as day who were the participants.

"Holy smokes ... holy smokes!" Mom exclaimed twice, even as she led us into the living room to talk.

"Okay, I don't know what exactly happened, but I'm determined to get to the bottom of it," Mom declared now as she sat us down in the living room.

"That's what she said," Wayne joked, breaking the ice and keeping Mom from being too serious, at least now when that might hurt our cause.

Chapter 6

"You've ... kinda loosened up a bit today ... well, since last night," I observed, stalling a little to compose myself when opening up to Mom.

"Blame the booze and weed. I know that I gave TMI a bit ... but I suspect that you're about to return the favor. I know that ... I've sounded a little priggish, even prudish, at times. But I don't want you thinking that I'm some kind of Puritan, even if some of our forefathers were," Mom laughed a little while pouring herself a hair of the dog that bit her: Captain Morgan.

"You must have called in sick to work or something," I teased her as I noted her hangover.

"It's your fault, but yes," Mom snickered, Vicky joining in the mirth now.

"Oh, MY fault, is it? Because I urged you and Mike to have a good time?" I retorted.

"Well, you did urge that ... and we definitely had a good time. A VERY good time. I think that I shared a bit more than I should have about it ... so return the favor and spill it, okay?" Mom confronted me directly.

"Well, for starters ... Wayne and I kinda ... got into a little confrontation ... when he caught me with Cassidy ... and Vicky ... and Kara here ... and Sofia. In a sort of ... orgy," I coughed a bit.

"An ORGY? An orgy? Damn ... you had ... sexual congress with Vicky, Cassidy, Kara, and Sofia? All four of them? Part of me jumps to judgment, perhaps a bit harshly, given that you're a single guy who's not cheating on anyone ... but part of me is ... in awe. I'm not gonna lie. A man who can attract, let alone satisfy, four gals at once ... that's some alpha territory there, son! Well, you're a soldier, so that makes sense," Mom blushed a little now.

"That's not all ... I blackmailed him ... into letting me ... sodomize him. Not because I'm into dudes per se. Just to strike back and humiliate him ... but he paid me back by punching me in the face. See this bruise? Then he pushed me onto the bed and buggered me in turn. While the girls held me down ... it could be called rape, but let's be honest here ... I had it coming for blackmailing him.

"That's why I'm not mad at him or the girls anymore ... well, that ... and I realized and confessed why I've been so hostile to him. I envy ... and resent him ... having you ... having a mother. It hurts, seeing how even Cassidy has bonded with you ... but I haven't ... I didn't realize how much she views you as her ... adoptive mother, but I had some sense of it. So, yeah, there it is," Wayne squirmed as he admitted to coercing me and being coerced in turn.

"Wow ... sounds like you're at least a little bi there, kiddo. And envious ... and jealous ... It makes a lot of sense. You're very human, just like the rest of us. Take me, for instance. One minute, I'm being Miss Priss and judging people for their moral lapses, but I cheated on Bill Grant how many times while we were married ... and he on me! I don't cheat on your father, by the way, which gives the lie to the 'once a cheater, always a cheater' trope or whatever.

"I don't cheat, not because of cock size, one way or the other ... but because I've grown up and learned at least a few lessons from my failed marriage ... lessons that I've absorbed and have tried to use to make this second marriage to your father better. I will add that your father being a little slimmer ... down there, does make ... anal a bit more comfortable, since we're being so frank with each other," Mom blurted and then blushed as she realized just how much the rum already loosened her tongue again.

"Still more things to learn, though, Mom, such as not criticizing your husband in front of others. You still referred to it as a 'wifely prerogative' just yesterday, I noticed," Vicky remarked with unusually direct candor.

"So I did ... and I get why that could ... possibly be toxic, now that you put it in that light. So ... maybe I should ... work on that front a bit more, shouldn't I? So ... as for you ... how do you honestly feel about Vic ... I want the full truth here ... leave nothing out, daughter," Mom insisted, making Vicky reach for her hidden dime bag and light a joint before answering.

"I'm in love with him. That's it. Period. That's the pure, unvarnished truth of it, Mom. I'm madly in love with my own twin brother ... but I'm not alone there. Cassidy, Kara ... and even Sofia, we're all either very smitten or falling for Vic. It's not just lust, though that's a factor and there's nothing wrong with that. We're ... very attached to him. There ... I said it," Vicky smiled a little shy, nervous smile now ... and handed me the joint, too.

"Is that really the case with all four of you ... Sofia, right? How do you honestly feel about my son?" Mom confronted her now.

"I adore him ... I did when we were in high school together ... and now, even more so. He's been ... my fantasy for years, though I settled for a dickhead a while back and got knocked up by him. Dick is literally his name and he lives up to it. Your son ... he's the best ... and when I've recovered enough from this baby, I want him to give it a baby brother or sister. Trust me. I worship the ground he treads," Sofia let her face grow a little red as she spoke directly to Mom at last.

"And you, Cass ... honestly?" Mom turned to her.

"Yes ... Mom ... sorry, I feel like calling you that. Vic ... he's my brother now ... and Vicky my sister, and you feel like ... my only true mother ... you've been there for me ... but I'm ... very ... fond of Vic. He's not just a brother to me. He's ... a sweetheart ... my sweetheart ... my stud. My guy," Cassidy now confessed her true feelings.

"It's ... quite okay ... I love you like a daughter ... if you want to call me 'Mom' ... go ahead. The same goes for you, Wayne. You don't have to ... you can call me 'Nicole.' Not 'Nicki,' though. That's your father's name for me ... and it just sounds undignified hearing it from my stepkids. And you, Kara ... is this true ... are you in love with my son?" Mom probed a bit more.

"Yes, ma'am. I can't pretend that my intentions are 'honorable' in the old sense, as I can't marry him. But I can say that I adore him and I'm pretty sure that the feelings are mutual. And I ... I'm pretty sure that I probably ... got knocked up by him this morning. Time will tell, but I'm confident that my plan worked ... that I'll have his firstborn. We've bonded over our mutual worry over Arnie, believe it or not. So, yeah, I love your son," Kara told Mom, "he's a great guy."

"I agree. His lifestyle here is a bit unorthodox, but alright, consenting adults and no one gets lied to or cheated on or abused, no harm, no foul. So ... if you really want this ... polyamorous thing, go for it. Most guys struggle with one lady, but that's probably just because they haven't learned to pace themselves ... and they make the mistake of sucking up to us and kissing our asses. After a while, that gets dull, even for a headmistress like me. We get plenty of that from students, after all," Mom poked fun at her own vocation of education there.

"So ... where do we go from here, then?" Mike spoke up, showing that he was in the hallway now.

"How much did you overhear, babe?" Mom asked him.

"Basically all of it. Look, Vic, just treat my daughter better than you treated my son, because face it, she's treated you better than he has ... and we're good, okay? Do we have a deal, man to man?" Mike offered me a handshake, which I took firmly.

"Want some more weed?" I gave Mike a hit from Vicky's joint, which he gladly accepted and passed to Mom.

"I'll have some of that rum, too ... I dare say that all of us are useless for work today, am I right? You did remember that today is a Sunday, though, right?" Mike pointed out now.

"Is it ... really? I lost track of the dates. I guess that I didn't lose personal time, then," Mom laughed.

"I still need to call in, though," Sofia explained, adding as a joke, "or maybe I should just start my maternity leave much earlier than planned ... blame morning sickness."

"That works, too!" Wayne chimed in now.

'And you, son ... are you gay or bi or what ... honestly? To do what you did ... you can't be straight, can you?" Mike inquired of his son now.

"I'm ... bi, Dad ... but now that he's to be more of a brother to me, that stops now ... I'm still not into incest. I don't mind watching him with Sofia, though ... otherwise, the rest of it, I think that it's ... I thought that I might be open to it, but nah ... it's still too close to incest. It's a ... squick, I think that's the term for it. And I might be open to watching him bang Jennifer Goodhead, but only if this turns out well and he gets a hall pass from his ladies," Wayne told him, "I'm ... kinda voyeur, but also torn between that and some normal sexual jealousy."

"Jennifer ... that's your new girlfriend, right?" Mike clarified.

"Yeah, for now. She'll probably dump me in a month or two. And she's sure to cheat on me. But it's like the rodeo ... you know that you're lucky to last eight seconds, but you hang on tight for the eight seconds that you have. I just hope that I don't come back as bruised as from the rodeo, other than my dignity and pride, I guess," Wayne assured his father.

"Well, if she's not a keeper, then, yeah, that's the one to test the waters of sharing with ... no matter what happens, it won't make a difference, right? Sounds like a plan to me," Mike encouraged Wayne to explore his fantasies, "for me, though, and for Nicole ... monogamy's the only way to live. Nothing against those who share. It's just never been my cup of tea."

"What he said," Mom agreed fully, "been there, done that. Cheating, swinging, all that jazz. Not my scene. Yes, Bill and I briefly went through a swinging phase ... I found the jealousy from my end ... and his, far too intense, so I ended it. Little did I know that he didn't ... and that ... um ... led to another bout of cheating from me, for revenge, but that's ancient history."

"So ... we're agreed, then ... to accept this?" Mike asked her for clarity.

"Yes, and then, if you don't mind, since we're probably up for the day ... let's get some breakfast, and then you take me back to bed ... for more ... fun and games. And I don't mean the console type, either," Mom actually giggled.

"Okay ... and I know just the place. The Omeleteer! Awesome stuff ... no one should expect you to cook, great as you are, in your present state," Mike had the last word.

For now, anyway ... Mom and he weren't the only ones seeking some fun and games, as proved when Wayne called up Jennifer to set up a date for after breakfast ... and by date, he didn't mean the formal dinner kind. It was code for some steamy sex, what else?

Chapter 7

"So, is this relationship a ... closed one, this group thing, or not?" Mom asked me in the van, making me shrug.

"You know, that's still not entirely clear to me yet. But that's because it's so fresh and new. I never expected this. I mean, hell, I haven't finished with Uncle Sam yet, technically speaking. They could still, theoretically, stop-loss me and deploy me somewhere. It's happened to others, you know. But I know that these are the big four for me ... I don't really plan to get into anything major with anyone else, at least right now. I'm still ... ironing out the details.

"I didn't even do much with Vicky until today, physically speaking, and I did nothing with any of the others until today as well. I've been rather blindsided by it all ... I mean, for instance, am I really bi or just bi-curious ... Was the Wayne thing a fluke where it just felt good in the moment? I'm not really attracted to Wayne himself, no offense to him ... so what is that?


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